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Atlantic West Properties provides property management and real estate brokerage services in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

We keep tenants happy!

Happy tenants make everything better when it comes to rental properties! We love our tenants - that's why we provide guaranteed 24 hour maintenance/repair service​* , swift responses to tenant requests and personalized customer service. 

Online payments

Tenants appreciate the convenience of online payments! To make rent payments quick and easy, we  accept major credit cards and bank transfers from tenants! We use the powerful and secure payment platform from PaySimple for our online transactions. 
We also offer free electronic transfer service of rent payments to our property owners. Pay-outs are also offered in​ the form of monthly check, or wire transfer.​** ​​

Free analitics and market updates 

Most owners of investment real estate understand the value of their property, as well as the potential growth as a passive asset. For most - it's also a source of regular revenue. Whether it's a single-family home, multi-family apartment building, a warehouse vacant lot in downtown - you want to know the current value of your property to make strategic decisions. 
We constantly analyze market values, rental rates and potential value increase of our clients' properties. Should it be time to sell, time to invest in improvements or time to increase rent - we will make sure that our clients are in the know and their strategic goals are met!

Free detailed statements

Maintaining financial records, paying subcontractors, keeping track of repairs, issuing tax documents, communicating with local authorities, community management associations and tenants - all that is a must for a successful, income-producing property. 
We take care of all administrative and financial record-keeping to provide you with a clear pictures of your property's performance. We also make sure that all federal financial regulations are met by providing yearly reports to the IRS and issuing both our clients and contractors 1099 IRS forms at the end of the year.  ​With most plans owners are entitled to free end-of-year reports outlining all expenses and revenue**
* For most non-emergency service calls. May exclude service and repair requests received during time of local, municipal, state or national emergency, inclement/dangerous weather and other factors which may impair personnel's or contractors' ability to communicate or travel
** With most management plans
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